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EXPERT Screenprinting is your professional and innovative source for all of your printed apparel needs. . With over thirty years of screenprinting and apparel production experience, our team can help you to bring your visions from just an idea to a high quality finished product. Whether it is a super rush job for an event with a tight deadline or a high color premium quality garment requiring our experienced touch, we deliver. Whatever your project needs are, always ask an EXPERT.

It's all in the details

And we pay attention to them!

14 color Automatic equipment

Knowledge and Experience

High quality printing requires well maintained automated equipment.
We use only M& R printing presses, the standard of the screenprinting industry and high tension Newman roller frames.
All inks are custom blended using precise formulas.
As one of the first in our business to succesfully produce high color printing  on dark garments, we went on to master process color printing as well as  printing on many synthetic fabric types that most are not capable of working with.
Expert Screenprinting by Fashion Victim